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Energy Smart Newsletter

January 2015

You probably know you should turn the lights and water off when they’re not in use, but here are a few more ways to be more energy efficient.

Set a Programmable Thermostat


You save almost $200 a year by turning down the heat at certain times of the day or night. For every degree you lower the thermostat for an 8-hour period, you cut energy use by about 1%.
Use Motion Detectors


Use motion-detector lights for all of your outdoor fixtures. They’re convenient and efficient, and best of all, save energy because they’re only on when there is activity.
Turn the Coffer Maker Off


Leaving the warmer on to keep the coffee hot adds to your energy bill, as well as scorches your coffee. Instead, pour the coffee into a preheated thermos to keep it warm.



A low pressure shower head uses fewer gallons of water per minute than an older, high pressure model, but still gives you a nice refreshing shower.