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Energy Smart Newsletter

April 2015

April 22 is Earth Day, and we have some simple changes to help make your home — and our planet — a little greener.

Change Your Lightbulbs


Replacing just one bulb with an ENERGY STAR certified bulb can save you $30-60 in electricity over the life of the lightbulb. Imagine if you changed them all!
Change Your Thermostat


Adjust your thermostat to run less when you’re asleep or away from home, and you can save 5-15% per year on your heating and cooling costs. Install a programmable thermostat to make it easier — just set it and forget it.
Change Your Water Temp


Lower the temperature on your hot-water heater to 120-130° F and wash clothes in cold water — two small changes that can make a big difference.



Old or dirty filters make heating and cooling systems work harder and run longer to hold a temperature. Swapping them for new ones or even cleaning them can improve efficiency and save you money.