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Energy Smart Newsletter

February 2015

As the cool winter weather continues, you may be in search of a few tips that will help you conserve energy and reduce your power bills.

Lower Water-Heating Costs


Heating water can account for 14-25% of the energy consumed in your home. By turning down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120°F), you'll save energy and avoid scalding your hands.
Check for Leaks


Weatherstripping and caulking is one of the least expensive ways to cut down on energy waste. Improperly sealed doors and windows can waste 10-15% of your heating dollars, so seal cracks that allow heat to escape.
Add Moisture


Moist air feels warmer and holds heat better than dry air, so turn on the humidifier and lower your thermostat for savings on your electric bill.



An energy monitor will help you determine which appliances consume the most power, allowing you to reduce your costs significantly.